Muscle Training Stimulator Set

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What is low-frequency treatment?
Low frequency is a type of electricity and has regular thythm and stops. The body does all kinds of movement with rhythm according to the right power and speed acted on the body by the low, to the relief of fatigue and dissolving stress

1. Firms, tones, strengthens and tones muscles
2. Electromagnetic pulses help strengthen and define your core
3. Simple button operation with 6 modes
4. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technique
5. Once a day, train every 30 minutes to build firm muscles
6. Use original training impulses
7 with specific current frequencies. Developing training methods that effectively build muscle
8. Relieve symptom of tighten shoulder, waist and back
9. Improving muscle paralysis
10. Massage effect
11. Improving nutrition

Pad Color: Black
Automatic program: Gua Sha, massage, acupuncture, percussion, combination.
Power supply: AAA battery (not included)
Certificate: CE/EMC, ROHS

Prohibition to person who are having medical treatment as below:
1. The pulse adjustment machine is for medical treatment by electronic and etc which use in body.
2. The artificial heart is for medicial tre breathing by electronic and ete that ma intains living Prohibition.
3. An ecg is for medical treatment by electronic machine and etc which are by paste.
4. Caused error action is danger by post wording.

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