Portable Utensils Set

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Material: Pot: high-quality aluminum alloy;

Size: Pot (small): (D) 4.6''/11.6cm, (H) 2.3''/6cm;

Pot (large): (D) 4.9''/12.4cm, (H) 4.1''/10.6cm;

Carry bag: 4.9'' x 6.5''

1. Great for outdoor camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities.
2. One Kit meets all your needs! It will be your great outdoor companion, no matter you go camping, hiking, climbing, hunting or just go for a picnic!
3. Anti-slip & anti-heat handles: The anti-slip pot handles and the silicone cup protector are all anti-heat and can effectively protect your hands from injury.

4. Stainless Steel Tableware 

Foldable stainless steel tableware, including spoons, forks and table knives. Whether you are eating burdock, Chinese food or soup, you can meet your needs.

5. Easy to Carry
Foldable handles on pot or stove can be folded to save space. Small size and portable, all the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in a mesh bag for convenient carry.
6. Enjoy Cooking Anywhere You Go: This awesome cookware kit is designed for anyone loves outdoor camping with families and friends! It is super-portable, making it much more convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities!

Package includes

1 x Pot (small)
1 x Pot (large)
3 x Stainless Steel Tableware ( 1 x Spoon, 1 x Fork, 1 x Knife)
1 x Carry Bag

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